NBT Berlin will provide an ideal environment to develop new collaborations and meet experts on the fundamentals, real-world applications, and products in the areas of neuroscience and brain technologies. The forum will highlight emerging neurotechnologies for the restoration and enhancement of impaired sensory, motor, and cognitive functions, novel engineering tools for elucidating brain function, and discussions on the topics of breakthrough advances in materials, devices, and systems.

The exhibit hall floor will showcase products that are primarily aimed at engineers, technical managers, as well as researchers from academia and industries, who need to know both the technical and practical aspects of new and emerging trends.

Topic: Neural Interfaces

will present new concepts and solutions on a wide range of electronics capable of interfacing with the nervous system to fully exploit the potential of biohybrid devices.

  • Neuroelectronic interfaces, neural implants.
  • Neural recording and stimulation.
  • Neuromodulation.
  • Microelectrode array technology.
  • Bioelectronic devices.
  • Neural prosthetics.

Topic: EEG

will showcase the latest advancements in manufacturing, design, & implementation of EEG equipment and software, and applications in a wide variety of settings.

  • EEG hardware, sensors and accessories.
  • Mobile EEG, Mobile Brain/Body Imaging.
  • Integration of EEG with various modalities, such as fMRI, fNIRS, TMS, tDCS/tACS, MEG.
  • Signal processing and analysis techniques.
  • EEG-Based brain–computer interfaces.