Special Track: Mobile EEG-fNIRS

Recent advances in sensor technology and analyses approaches have greatly promoted the research regarding the usability of mobile EEG-fNIRS devices. The Special Track explores the technical advancements in mobile EEG-fNIRS systems, tools and techniques. Participants will discuss new methods to investigate brain dynamics during more natural processes, latest software and hardware developments and how they can be used in a wide variety of settings, including clinical applications, brain-computer interface (BCI), and cognitive neuroscience research.

Exhibiting is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and to develop new contacts. Presentations for the following categories are welcome:

  • New insights on research and development in mobile EEG-fNIRS hardware and software.
  • Wearable and portable EEG-fNIRS devices and technologies.
  • Advanced signal analysis and processing techniques.
  • Case study research and future trends.

Registration: In conjunction with NBT Berlin 2022

Time: 17-18 May 2022