Neural Prosthetics

What We Are Looking For


NBT Berlin 2023 solicits proposals for a demo session. The demo session will offer an excellent way to showcase tangible results of the most recent and innovative implementation of Neural prosthetic interfaces and devices.

Demos including the examples of prototypes of new technologies, new applications, live experiments, related to all aims and scope of neuroprosthetics are very welcome. In particular, we encourage the active participation of industrial researchers who want to share industry-leading new innovations and realizations with the public.

Live Demo: It is only acceptable to set up a real-time demo system at the conference venue.


Suggested topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Neuroprosthetic technologies and devices.
  • Brain computer interfaces and neuroprosthetic control.
  • Sensory feedback for prosthetic devices.
  • Advanced biological interfaces.
  • Sensors for motor neuroprosthetics.
  • Novel electrodes, circuits, and algorithms.
  • Closed-Loop Human-Machine design and development.
  • Application of AI and machine learning in prosthetics.

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